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Oh baby

"Oh baby" 

"Oh baby"

 is my first piece in my research of a theme I like to call “the daddy issue”.  

The idea that we are all children of a patriarchal society who expect us to behave a certain way, and will “be” disappointed, angry or want us gone unless we follow the life we have been thought to live. This gives us an eager to please our daddy or rebel against them, whatever it would take off us.

 With that said, this piece is a  grotesque projection of how the patriarchal society doubts “the woman's” ability to take control over own life, and how this shapes “the woman” into a forever being “baby” in a “daddy”-society.

PASSWORD: LikeACherryPie

Performed for documentation

Idea, Choreographed and performed by La Uyi Ihasee

Directed by Ion Kazantzidis and La Uyi Ihasee

Text&sound by La Uyi Ihasee

Voice by Jacob Scott


Performed at Feil festival - Oslo, Norway 2019/ BLACKBOX by BLNK - Berlin, Germany 2019

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