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O Dewy Island O is the first performance of a series about Dewy Island and its creatures. An Afro-futuristic fantasy opera, with the goal to romanticize the demonized emotions and creatures of our world. With inspiration found in the magical creatures and myths of European, African and Persian tales. Based on the myths of the “Fairy ring” and “Mami Wata’s Underworld”

Dewy Island is magnetic

Dewy Island is spinning 

Dewy Island is spiraling

Dewy Island is poisionous 

Dewy Island is is alive 


PASSWORD: LikeACherryPie

Performed in SNDO location

Thank you Performers

♥ Paca Faraus ♥ Parisa Madani ♥

   ♥ Horatcio Vlijter ♥ Sasu Korom ♥ La Uyi Ihasee ♥


                                        ♥ Georgia Rose Weaver Mathiason ♥                                          


                         ♥ Kofi Boanyah ♥                       
 Agnė Auželyt       


   ~You Are Magical and Amazing~

Thank you

For sound and light and more Agnė Auželytė

For Music and voice and inspiration Georgia Rose Weaver Mathiason

For costumes and thoughts Emma Postma Sep

For stage design and artistic advising Ion Kazantzidis 

For Make-up, hair and Artistic advising Taka Taka

For stunts, danger-care much more Roan Lo-a-Njoe

♥And thank you La Uyi Ihasee for Idea, Choreography and Production♥

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