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I am not a rapist

The first performance I ever made all by myself


I was 21 and I wanted to make ^something that mattered^. I wanted to underline the concept of the Norwegian term, “vennevoldtekt”/*the friendly-rape*. So I created an alien who came down to earth to experience the humans (very Strindbergy) and their rape-habits. And look what he found, a performance that sent me into a 3 year loong depression that I'm still not sure if I'm out of. So be careful, I am calling TRIGGER material..if that wasn't obvious






Performed for documentation



Idea, Text, Choreographed and Performed by La Uyi Ihasee

Voice by Preston Barney

Sound by Oskar Brevik

Filmed and edited by Fred Ferchke


Performed at Das Kapital - Berlin, Germany 2019 / Schau Fenster - Berlin Germany 2019


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