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Fantasi gal 5000


Fantasi Gal 500 is the second love child between Ion Kazantzidis and myself.


We both wanted to go deeper into the concept of "Playing" and how that looks like in a grown up world with the imagination of a child. We wanted to make a toy. The play of power became important through the process and are what first gave the idea of the Fantasi gal. Inspired by action figures, dolls and sex-workers, she became a character who will do everything to make your wish come true and bring your stereotypical femme sexual fantasy to life. Unfortunately no fantasy is as good as we imagine it too be, sometimes it turns out even better.



Filmed at TODDLERS


Idea, concept and direction by Ion Kazantzidis and La Uyi Ihasee

Box and scenography by Ion Kazantzidis

Choreographed and performed by La Uyi Ihasee

Costume with help from LEX aka Reject


Presented at TODDLERS by BLNK (supported by Burning Man) Athens, Greece 2019.

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