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Dewy Island







PASSWORD: LikeACherryPie

Dewy Island 2: Crystalize is the second performance of a series about Dewy Island and it’s creatures. An Afro-futuristic fantasy opera,  with the goal to romanticize the demonized emotions. With inspiration found in the magical creatures and myths of European, African and Persian tales. Based on the myths of the “Fairy ring” and “Mami Wata’s Underworld”.

In our second visit to Dewy, the Island has entered a new season. The season of trembling, suppressed, crystalized rage. Still being kept alive by its creature constellation, which this time consists of a Hyper Sensitive Fairy Q and her charming Fairy sisters, Furious Troll Toddlers, Belligerent Centaurs and a  Narcissistic Nymph. And at last Pan and his new friends the MiniPans, all filled with an angsty teenage rage.

By studying the rhythm, synchronicity, geometry and especially spirals of the unhuman nature, the kinetic language of the stage states its own reality.

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