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Clitzilla the performance 


children of liberation









A continuation to the homage of the Sculpture Cltizilla, while also an homage to the promise of holding and being held in the Queer community, and then what the soft love that Clitzilla represents can contribute to such a space. Made spesifically for “Whole festival” 2018 and it’s audience

PASSWORD: MotherofBambi

Perfromed at Whole Festival


Performed by João kreth d’orey, Marcell Proske, Jairo de Jesús Fernández de Castro Alcalá, J. R. Thesis Smith, Marcus Kym Louend, Amy Wilson, Josepha Waldhecker

Sculpture by Elle basi Gorenpeng, Zina Anis & Hannes

Music by Frederikke Jäger

Costume by Moussi Bang

Made and Choreographed by La Uyi Ihasee

Supported by Pornceptual 

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