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clitzilla the perfomance: birth of joy

This performance is not made for politics

This performance is not made for any didactic reasons

This performance is not made for your pleasure


This performance is made for the pure joy and celebration of the sensation of an orgasm

 and how to find it.


  A homage   

                   to THE SCULPTURE                       




PASSWORD: %flOveRdust%

Filmed at Whole festival

idea and Choreography by La Uyi Ihasee

Music by Friederikke Jäger

Costume by Michèle Alexine Worsley aka LUPAE

Performed by Daniel Barnett, Helen Hagemeier, K_ii, Lars von Schuckmann, Zina Aniz, La Uyi Ihasee

Filmed by Brenda Lien

Edited by Lars von Schuckmann

Curated by Vulvae

Performed at Hedone Kju_point festival- Halle, Germany 2018/ Whole festival -Ferropolis, Germany 2018/ Hedone festival - Debrzinca, Poland, 2018

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