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La Uyi writes in third person:

I am political

I am not political
I am black
I am white
I am femme
I am masco
I am not male or female
I am male and female
I am stubborn

I am acceptable

I have left god

I have felt god

I can feel god

I have been raped

I am fat

I am wearing a crown on my head

Not everyone likes my crown

I have been banned from facebook

I have almost been band from isntagram

I could not care less

I could not be more annoyed

Therefore I am making this site

For me and for u and for us

I really like us

I love to perform

I love to create

I love to speak with my body and my face

I like silliness

I like color

I like extreeme

I like sublte

I like the universe of the clown

I like the universe of Aurtaud

I like the universe of Grotowski
I like the practice of Matej

I like the practice of Alexandra
I like the dreamy practice of Anja Boemann

Artistically I do enjoy the area of sexuality, in the widest sense of the word. Especially all the ways we see ourselves and others as sexual beings and power that lays within. How this echoes out in society and in again to the self.

I base my characters in archetypes, with their fair share of complexity. My pieces shows my world in black, white, green, pink and yellow, they are all stereotypical but within their own internal situation. I love my characters, I hate my characters. They all have flaws and they all have perfection, and they all exist, and they are all in me somewhere. I love playing my own characters, and I love see others develop their own.


My practice is a big mix that I am often not able to center, and have yet not found all the connections that are there, but I like tp say that it is in the grounded in a kind of "Butoh", with its ideas of emptying the body in order to receive a new material, like objects, emotions, "spirits" or characters. With a thick layer of '"Buffon" and it's clowny grotesqueness.



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